Mind Over Body – Use Your Mind To Heal Your Body

I guess it has happened to all of us that we were supposed to attend an event, go and visit someone, or even go to work or school and absolutely didn‘t want to go? Like when we knew that we weren’t prepared enough for an English or math test in school and felt that we’d rather stayed at home the next morning, but had no idea how to avoid it. And then, very suddenly and conveniently, we got sick overnight, came down with a cold or some other sickness that made it impossible for us to go to school and sit through the test.

Now let me ask you this: What do you think has triggered this cold? Was it sheer coincidence, or was there something deep inside of you (your mind?) that was actually responsible for you coming down with the cold or flu? Well, the truth is that – even though you may not have had the conscious thought that becoming sick would be the solution – your subconscious mind “thought” that if you were sick you couldn‘t go to school or attend the event and “created” the cold. You were most likely completely unconscious of that thought, but your body responded to it nonetheless.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could actually use this ‘feature’ of your mind in a conscious and positive way to create health and well being and cure your body from any disease? Well, the good news is, you can. Read more

Your Feet – The Root Cause of Your Back Pain?

When you see some cracks in the walls you immediately check if the house lacks foundation. If your car is difficult to handle, especially after you hit a large pothole or the curb, you immediately check the alignment settings in your car. In both cases you make sure that there is a proper structural foundation.

Why is it that doctors rarely check the foundation – the feet – when someone is dealing with back or hip pain? When it comes to the ‘structure’ of our bodies we seem to forget that it needs to have a proper foundation as well.

The most obvious reason why doctors and therapists don’t look at the feet is that they are ‘too far away’ from where the pain is. How can something that is so far away be responsible for the pain in the back?

Well, the answer is pretty simple: If the feet are not fulfilling their proper function as the foundation of the body, all the structures that lie above the feet, like the knee, hip joint, or the spine, have to compensate for that. Read more

Back Pain Treatment Is Big Business

All the different treatment forms and options for getting rid of back pain have become a multi-billion dollar industry. The money is spent on prescription drugs, physical therapy and chiropractic treatments, and last but not least, expensive and often unnecessary surgeries.

However, it’s not just the mainstream medicine that is making lots of money from your misery, alternative treatment forms have their share in this big business as well. Yoga for Back Pain, Pilates for Back Pain, this and that ‘for back pain’ – they all are trying to benefit from your pain. It seems that everything that has ever been created or invented, be it a treatment form or exercise practice, has now its own slant for back pain sufferers.

Now, the big question is: Do these treatments and therapies really work? Or do they just cost you money without any real long-term effect? Well, from my own experience I can say, most of them don’t work. And that is for the simple reason that they are not addressing the root cause of the back pain. They are like mascara you put on a blemish on your skin – you don’t see it anymore, but it’s still there.

Pain killers are only masking the pain, but the pain is still there, you just don’t feel it anymore. Surgery may correct a herniated disc, but the reason why you have a herniated disc in the first place is still there. Physical therapy may give you more flexibility and strengthen some of your muscles, but if the muscles you are working on are not the ones that you need to build or stretch, than you may make matters worse.

Unless the treatment form that you are choosing addresses the underlying cause of your back pain, relief will always only be temporary. With about 80% of all back pain having its roots in muscle imbalances somewhere in the body, those imbalances need to be found and then corrected. And the only way to find these muscle imbalances is by doing a proper visual and physical body assessment.

I know that hardly any doctor or therapist is able to perform these specific body assessments, they just don’t have the training. It took me nearly nine years to find one who could, and once she established which muscle imbalance was responsible for my back pain and treated it, I was out of pain literally within days. It took a while longer to completely realign my body in order to prevent future incidents, but the pain was gone so fast that it felt like a miracle.

I am now, for the first time, offering these kind of body assessments online via phone and/or Skype. To find out more, click on the link below.
Done-For-You Body Assessment