Using Your Mind to Heal Your Body

USING YOUR MIND TO HEAL YOUR BODY In my previous post, I explained how the mind, or rather the beliefs we hold in our mind, determines whether we heal or not. While often enough we are unaware of the thoughts and beliefs that are responsible for our state of health,…

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Mind Over Body

MIND OVER BODY I guess it has happened to all of us that we were supposed to attend an event, go and visit someone, or even go to work or school and absolutely didn‘t want to go? Like when we knew that we weren’t prepared enough for an English or…

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Are Your Feet Causing Your Back Pain?


When you see some cracks in the walls you immediately check if the house lacks foundation. If your car is difficult to handle, especially after you hit a large pothole or the curb, you immediately check the alignment settings in your car. In both cases, you make sure that there is a proper structural foundation.

Why is it then that doctors rarely check the foundation – the feet – when someone is dealing with back or hip pain? When it comes to the ‘structure’ of our bodies we seem to forget that it needs to have a proper foundation as well.

The most obvious reason why doctors and therapists don’t look at the feet is that they are ‘too far away’ from where the pain is. How can something that is so far away be responsible for the pain in the back?

Well, the answer is pretty simple: If the feet are not fulfilling their proper function as the foundation of the body — one of which is serving as a shock absorber — all the structures that lie above the feet, like the knee, hip joint, or the spine, have to compensate for that.


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