Done-For-You Body Assessment

The ONLY Way to Find and Address The Underlying Cause(s) of Your Back Pain


The Done-For-You Visual and Physcial Body Assessment

The Done-For-You Body Assessment is for everyone who is suffering from chronic pain, particularly back pain, neck pain, hip pain, or knee pain. Only a proper visual and physical body assessment will reveal if your pain is caused by the Number ONE underlying cause of all joint pain – which are weak, stressed, or injured muscles. The assessment is the first step towards a life with less or even no pain at all.  

If you have been dealing with chronic back pain for quite some time, then you are probably 

  • Fed up with the constant pain that is ruining your life
  • Tired of being told that you have to live with the pain for the rest of your life
  • No longer willing to pay for expensive treatments that only give you short-term relief and keep you going back to your doctor, therapist or chiropractor for months or even years 
  • Tired of taking pain medication that only suppresses your pain for a little while, knowing that this is not the solution for your back pain 
  • Ready to get out of the vicious cycle of relentless back pain, pain medication, therapy and maybe even surgery, and find a solution that will give you long-term relief and prevent future back pain flare-ups 

So, I you are ready to leave all this behind and get out of the vicious cycle of recurring or ongoing back pain, then you will be delighted to hear that there is a solution for you

Start Healing Your Back

The Done-for-You Body Assessment & Body Re-Alignment Coaching Program

Did you know that most doctors and healthcare providers are only treating the symptoms of back pain — like a herniated disc, sciatica, or degenerative disc disease — without ever looking for what is causing these conditions? 

The newest research shows that about 75-80% of all back and shoulder pain, including herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, and sciatica, is caused by muscle imbalance(s) somewhere in the body. If that is the case, how come that your doctor or healthcare provider hasn’t even looked for them? Well, the answer is as sad as it is true: Most doctors and therapists do not even know what a muscle imbalance is, how to look for them, and how those imbalances affect the body. And even if they knew, they still wouldn’t know how to correct them. 

(In this picture of the knees you can clearly see how a muscle imbalance in the lower leg due to an unhealthy walking pattern – this woman walks with her left foot turned out – has an effect on the alignment of the knee. Compare the tip of the right knee cap with the left one. This distortion in her knee has an effect on the alignment of her left hip, which is lower than her right hip. This is one of the causes for her back pain.)

With muscle imbalances being by far the number one underlying cause of back pain, it is absolutely necessary that you get a proper body assessment done to find out what muscle imbalances are responsible for YOUR back pain. However, finding a doctor or therapist who can do such a body assessment may be very difficult, especially if you are not living in or close to a big city.


Online Body Assessment and Body Re-Alignment Coaching

As a movement and body awareness teacher for more than 20 years, I have specialized in finding the underlying muscle imbalances that are causing pain in the bodies of my students and clients, be it knee, shoulder, back, neck or hip pain. Although I got great results with my clients, It really frustrated me that I was only able to help those people who could come and see me either in my classes or as a private client. Now, however, with the internet being available in many people’s homes, I have developed a method to do the body assessment online, either by you sending me photos and answering a detailed questionnaire, or, if we can connect via Skype or Zoom, we would do a video call, combined with a live body assessment where I look at you standing, walking, and moving around. 

(Here in this photo you see the same person in a side view. I think it is obvious how she is leaning forward over her toes; to counterbalance this posture, her upper body needs to compensate, which means her upper body is leaning back, causing an unnatural curve in her lower back; this is another contributing factor to her back pain. I guess you can also readily see how her belly is hanging down. It simply follows gravity, so no diet could ever correct that. And maybe you can also see how much tension she holds in her arm.)

I hope that by showing you the two pictures, it has become clear to you that just treating her herniated disc in her lower back wouldn’t solve the problem at all. She would still lean forward and she would still have the same walking pattern that is responsible for her misalignment in her knee and hip. Only a thorough and proper body assessment can reveal these kinds of muscle imbalances and misalignments, which then can be easily corrected.

Once I have established which muscle imbalances in your body are causing the pain, I will create an individual treatment and exercise plan just for you that will address the specific muscles that need to be either stretched or strengthened in order to bring your body back into better alignment. In many cases, changing the body’s alignment or changing some detrimental movement habits can reduce the pain in a short period of time and often eliminate the back pain forever. How do I know? Because this is what happened to me. After suffering from excruciating chronic back pain for nearly eight years, and after trying countless treatments that didn’t help, once I began to work in the muscle imbalance in my body, the back pain disappeared completely within only a few weeks, despite me being diagnosed with a herniated disc.

And — you really have nothing to lose. If my findings during the body assessment reveal that your back pain is not caused by a muscle imbalance, I will refund the money in full. GUARANTEED! 


100MoneyBack Guarantee

Imagine - No More Back Pain...

This is how this works:

As soon as you sign up, I will send you the Assessment Guide. In it, you will find a list of questions that you need to answer and the instructions on how to take the photos. Once I have received your questionnaire and the photos, we connect either via phone or Skype/Zoom for a one-on-one session to discuss your specific circumstances and to determine your detrimental movement patterns and habits.

Now that I have all the information I need from you, I will create an exercise and movement plan that is specific to your body and your muscle imbalances. In this plan, you will find all the exercises and lifestyle changes you need to make in order to heal your back pain. These exercises are meant to be done daily, but because you are only doing the exercises that your body needs, it shouldn’t take up more than 20 minutes per day. And you can do them in the comfort of your own home. No traveling to a doctor or therapist needed. 

What you get here is the ONLY proven system to find the underlying muscle imbalances that are causing your back pain, combined with a treatment plan that is specifically addressing the imbalances in your body in order to reduce or even completely heal your back pain.

A Complete Body Assessment includes:

  • The Heal Your Body Assessment Guide
  • Analysis of the photos that you send me, similar to what you I've done in the pictures on this website.
  • Analysis of the questionnaire that I will send you to establish any detrimental habits in your life that may be aggravating your back pain.
  • A one-hour phone call or Skype/Zoom call to determine your detrimental movement patterns and habits that may be contributing to your back pain. (In case that we can't connect on Skype/Zoom, you can also send me a short video of you walking and moving I can analyze.)
  • Your Personal Treatment Plan, specifically designed for you and your body's needs, that you can follow in the comfort of your own living room.

If you do  these exercises according to the plan I will send you, you should see results within a few short weeks, if not days. 

Now let me ask you this: 

What would you give to finally find out what is causing your back pain? 

How much is finding a solution to your constant back pain worth to you? 

Start Getting Your Life Back 

For the introductory price of ONLY $297!

Don't you think living a life without pain is worth that?

Just consider for a moment how much you have already spent on trying to heal your back pain and what you would have to pay for dozens of doctors’ visits, countless physical therapy sessions, chiropractor treatments, massages, or even surgery, and all the money that you’re most likely spending on pain medication. Not to speak of the all the time that you are going to save as you can do the exercise and movement program comfortably in your own home and don’t have to travel to all these appointments.

And – don’t forget, most of the therapies and the painkillers you are taking are not even addressing the underlying causes of your back pain. This means that future back pain flare-ups are more than likely. Even if you were to get some relief, the results will only be short-term. So you are not only wasting your time but also your money.

Compare this to my Done-For-You Body Assessment which is going to reveal the underlying causes of your back pain and give you results that are permanent. As the movements and exercises you are going to do are addressing the underlying causes which are responsible for your back pain, long-lasting results are guaranteed.

Don't wait any longer and start healing your back today!

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