My Personal Journey

Many people have asked me how I’ve found my passion and life purpose. They want to know how I started out on doing what I love to do, which is writing, teaching, and helping people to heal and create the lifestyle and thus the life of their dreams. The answer lies in my own life story up to this day. It is a story of never giving up hope, in finding the innate blessing in each situation — no matter how negative or disruptive it appears to be — and how we can take life’s lessons and make the best of them.

My passionate pursuit for personal growth began nearly thirty years ago while lying in a hospital bed after an accident that would leave me in relentless excruciating pain for more than eight years. For the first time in many years, I had time to myself to ponder about my life while I was waiting for my injuries to heal. Married with three children, I realized that I had devoted all my energies, interests, and time to keeping my family happy and our home nice and tidy. I had looked after each and every member of my extended family, but not after me. I realized I wasn’t happy and that something major was missing in my life – I just couldn’t say what it was, but it somehow dawned on me that there had to be more to me and my life than my marriage, my children, and our home. I was 29 years old.

However, it took me more than 8 years to finally get out of pain, and my pursuit of a something “more” was put on the back burner during this very long and depressing path of endless conventional and alternative therapy sessions. I tried physical therapy, acupressure and acupuncture treatments, massages, cranio-sacral treatments, Feldenkrais, and Reiki, to name just a few. As I reacted very badly to pain medications, they were no option for me. Over the years, I spent many weeks in clinics and rehabilitation centers for different forms of pain treatments and to learn pain management. Every now and then I would experience a couple of days in less pain, but there was never a day without feeling the stabbing pain that was destroying my life. But then, one day, the miracle happened: during a movement workshop, while I was moving my body to beautiful music, the pain disappeared and never came back again. 

This miraculous healing started me on a quest to discover the how and why behind this totally unexpected liberation from pain. While I dug through the scientific research papers to find the answer, I came across countless stories of people who had had similar spontaneous remissions and healings, many of them from so-called incurable diseases like cancer or type 2 diabetes. I assumed that there was a secret or even pattern behind these healings, and I concluded that, if I just dug deep enough, I could uncover it. I studied book after book, spoke to specialists, scientists, medical experts and attended workshops and seminars to find the answers I sought. I trained with Debbie Rosas and Carlos AyaRoas, the originators of Nia, to learn about the body, and I explored the martial arts of tai chi, aikido, and taekwondo to expand my knowledge of body movement and energy flow. I trained with the Irish Association of Holistic Health to become a personal trainer, which included nutrition and supplementation. I gradually incorporated what I was learning into my work as a Nia and body awareness teacher, and that, in turn, led to a better understanding and deeper knowledge. 

Despite all the training and the new-found knowledge, I still hadn’t found the answer of what had caused my spontaneous healing. A lot of the things I learned made sense, and over and over again I saw in my students how movement can heal the body, but it didn’t explain what had happened to me. I knew there was a missing link somewhere, and I was determined to find it.

The Potential of the Human Mind

In 2003, I heard about a seminar on mind technology, on how to use more of the mind, and I immediately felt that this is what I needed to explore. The seminar opened my eyes to the immense power of the human mind. I learned how the mind works and how the programs we are brought up with and the thoughts we hold in our minds are influencing every decision, and therefore how we go through life. I learned how what we focus on determines the outcomes in our life. And, I suddenly understood what had happened on the day of my miraculous healing. 

During all those years of treatments and therapies, each and every therapist had told me to always watch out for the pain and only move my arm and shoulder to the point where the pain would set in. So what was I doing? I was completely focused on the pain, constantly waiting for it to show up, and show up it did. I focused on ‘waiting for the pain’, and with that, I created more of it. With every single therapy session I programmed my mind for more pain. But then, during the Nia workshop, I emotionally connected to the music and let the rhythm and melody of the music inspire me to freely move my arm, shoulder, and body. And by doing that, for the very first time since that accident eight years before, moving my arm and looking for pleasure instead of pain, the healing occured. The memory of the pain, that had been programmed into my mind with every therapy session, was erased and the pain disappeard. I couldn’t believe that the answer for my spontaneous healing had been so simple and so obvious, but at the same time completely out of reach to all my therapists and myself, because no one understood the connection between the mind the pain I was in.

After all my studies and theoretically understanding the connection between the mind and the body, and having experienced first-hand the power of the human mind, I could see the potential of using the mind to achieve any goal in life and to better any health condition, no matter if it’s getting out of pain or overcoming a so-called incurable illness. My approach to health and healing is therefore based on the understanding that no healing can ever occur if the mind is focusing on the wrong outcome. Therefore, uncovering the mindsets and limiting beliefs that may be standing in the way to complete healing and/or achieving life goals, is the first step in my work with individuals and groups.  

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