Using Your Mind to Heal Your Body



In my previous post, I explained how the mind, or rather the beliefs we hold in our mind, determines whether we heal or not. While often enough we are unaware of the thoughts and beliefs that are responsible for our state of health, it has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is possible to make our mind an important ally in our healing process, or in achieving any goal for that matter.

Probably the easiest way to use your mind to heal your body is by using your imagination. We all use imagination daily, whether consciously or unconsciously. We use it when we plan a surprise party for a friend, our vacation, or even a business meeting. We see pictures in our mind when we describe an event, explain to someone how to get to a certain street, or write a story. And yet you have probably never thought of using your´imagination when it comes to healing your body. The reason for that is that most likely nobody ever told you about this powerful tool and explained to you how to use it.

You are creating in your mind an image of something you would like to occur or achieve in real life, such as being pain-free, or moving your body fluidly and freely again after an injury, or being free of cancer, to name just a few. You could imagine, for example, that your white blood cells are an army of fearless warriors that are fighting successfully against the cancer cells in your liver, killing each one of those cells with their swords. Or you could imagine that your pain is like snow melting away on a warm spring day. It‘s like creating your own movie in your mind. You are using all of your five senses, sight, sound, touch, smell and taste, to create this image or recreate an experience of being healthy, fit and pain-free. You also try to bring in strong positive emotions that would represent the achievement of your goal. This mental experience is helping your body to actually recover much faster and/or getting rid of the pain, or even destroy your cancer cells.

Using creative visualization and imagery can help you manage your pain or control your illness and complement your physical rehabilitation and other treatments. Your unconscious mind cannot distinguish between what is real and what is vividly imagined. By doing this practice daily you suggest to your unconscious mind that what you experience in your mind is real and thus installing the belief that you are already healed, healthy and pain-free. And, as the placebo effect clearly shows (see my previous post), it is your belief that is responsible for your healing, not the pill or the surgery.

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